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PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 128 – K52 Series Diaphragm Plate Temporary Change to Stainless Steel

The Diaphragm Plates on K52 series valves may temporarily change to 303 Stainless Steel material. This is being done due to material shortage of the molded plastic plates. New Part Numbers are being introduced for the individual plates as shown below, but repair kit and valve Part Numbers will remain unchanged. The Stainless Steel plates are fully interchangeable with the plastic plates. We will convert back to molded plastic Diaphragm Plates as supply allows.

Valve SeriesPlastic Upper Diaphragm Plate Stainless Steel Upper Diaphragm Plate Plastic Lower Diaphragm Plate Stainless Steel Lower Diaphragm Plate

If for any reason you cannot use valves or kits with Stainless Steel plates please contact our sales
department for current lead time on the all plastic versions..

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