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Normally Open Valves

With a Normally Open valve the pressure in the line of liquid or air flowing through it will keep the valve open unless control pressure closes it. To close the valve an equal or greater amount pressure than the flow must be entered into the control chamber above the diaphragm. This pushes the diaphragm down to close the valve. As the diaphragm chamber’s surface area is bigger than the flow inlet, an equal pressure will result in the valve closing.
Normally Open valves will usually have a pipe or tube going into the top of the valve for the control pressure to be applied.
The hole in the valve body below the diaphragm is usually used as an air vent and the shaft controlling the diaphragm closing is solid.

Normally Closed Valves


Normally Closed valves have a hollow shaft that allows the line pressure to flow into the diaphragm chamber. As the diaphragm chamber’s surface area is bigger than the flow inlet the diaphragm is forced down and closes the valve. This will keep the valve closed until enough pressure, added to the flow pressure, is entered below the diaphragm to force the valve open.

With the Normally Closed valve the hole on the top of the valve is usually capped or has a limit stop or position indicator and the pipe or tube with control pressure will enter the valve body under the diaphragm.

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