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PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 106 – Hycar Disk Replaces Teflon Disk in High Temperature Kits

In 2011, Teflon Disks were replaced with Hycar Disks in all VAV valve assemblies. The Teflon Disks were kept in the High Temperature Repair Kits at that time. A change is underway to fully obsolete the Teflon Disks and replace with Hycar Disks once current inventory is exhausted. This change does not affect the form, fit, or function of the parts and the temperature rating remains unchanged.

A list of the affected kits is below:

Kit PNKit ModelDescriptionNotes
1070498AV1-RAHTKIT,AV1,D&S,-FV,-JT1074144 Replaces 1074145
1070502AV4-RAHTKIT,AV4,D&S,-FV,-JT1074234 Replaces 1074235
1070503AV5-RAHTKIT,AV5,D&S,-FV,-JT1074310 Replaces 1074311
1070510AV6-RAHTKIT,AV6,D&S,-FV,-JT1074391 Replaces 1074393
1070516AV7-RAHTKIT,AV7,D&S,-FV,-JT1074490 Replaces 1074491
1070521AV8-RAHTKIT,AV8,D&S,-FV,-JT1074571 Replaces 1074572

A list of the Teflon Disks that will be obsoleted once inventory depletes is below:

Item PNModelDescriptionReplaced by
1074145421-JTDISC,421,TEFLON1074144 DISC,421,HYCAR
1074235424-JTDISC,424,TEFLON1074234 DISC,424,HYCAR
1074311425-JTDISC,425,TEFLON1074310 DISC,425,HYCAR
1074393426-JTDISC,426,TEFLON1074392 DISC,426,HYCAR
1074491427-JTDISC,427,TEFLON1074490 DISC,427,HYCAR
1074572428-JTDISC,428,TEFLON1074571 DISC,428,HYCAR
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