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PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 104 – V421 & VAV1 Single Piece Shaft Update

V421 & VAV1 Single Piece Shaft Update

The Shaft for V421 and VAV1 valves are being updated to a new single piece design. This new design incorporates the shaft and disk holder into a single piece eliminating one potential leak point within the valve. The new shafts also feature a flat under the diaphragm allowing a wrench to stop rotation during installation and removal. As a result of this change, the Internal Parts Repair Kits will include the single piece shafts. Part numbers for Internal Part Kits and valve assemblies will remain the same. The new shafts are fully interchangeable with the old design and will be available once inventory of the old design is exhausted.

Because of this change, new Part Numbers are being introduced to replace the old shaft and disk holder Part Numbers as shown below:

Current 421 Shaft Design New 421 Single Piece Shaft Design
Included parts:
1073948 – Copper Gasket
1074128 – Disc Holder
1074150 – Normally Open Shaft
1074153 – Normally Closed Shaft
Included parts:
43975-02 – Normally Open Shaft Assembly
43975-03 – Normally Closed Shaft Assembly
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