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PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 101 – NXT Stager Control Update

NXT Stager Control Update

The NXT Stager Control will be updated with a few new features and options as shown below. These changes will become available in June 2017.

NXT Stager Control UpdateNXT Stager Control Update

1. Internal Transformer

A transformer accepting either 115V, 208V, or 240V 50/60Hz input voltages will be mounted inside the enclosure. This transformer will be pre-wired to the circuit board allowing the installer to simply run line voltage into a terminal strip within the enclosure. The Class 2 transformer is rated at 40VA with a wide range of certifications including UL, cUL, and CE. This change will eliminate the need for a bulky external transformer and expand the application scope to a wider range of voltage inputs.

2. Meter Cable Input to Terminal Strip

The meter cable connection on the circuit board will be wired to terminals 11 (Signal), 12 (+VDC), 13 (Ground). This change will make it easier to connect a wide range of hall effect (open collector, or pulse style) meters. See manual for how to wire various meters commonly used.

3. Model Number and Master Chart Updates

As a result of the above updates, the NXT Stager Control master chart and model numbers have been modified. Now the Transformer digit will be denoted with the letter “T” indicating inclusion of the transformer. See attached NXT Master Chart Revision B for details.

4. Operations and Instruction Manual Updates

The NXT Stager Control manual has been updated to show the above modifications.

Pricing will remain unchanged from previous versions which included a transformer.

See the latest Master Chart Here.

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