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PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 100 – K52 Series Diaphragm & Seal Kit Update

K52 Series Diaphragm & Seal Kit Update

The K52 Series Diaphragm & Seal Kits will be changed to remove the “Old” style rubber components. These “Old” components were used on valves made prior to 1998, most easily identified by blue bodies and caps. Since 1998, the K52 series valves have been black in color and use the “New” style internal components. All rubber parts required to repair black valves made after 1998 will be included in the updated Diaphragm & Seal kits.

As a result of this change, when repairing a K52 series valve with blue body and cap, both a Diaphragm & Seal Kit (model ending in -RAN, -RAVN, -RAJN, ect) and Internal Parts Kit (model ending in -RF, -RG, ect) will be required. Current Internal Parts Kits will fit into older blue valves, as long as the Diaphragm & Seal Kit is also changed at the same time.

Kit Part Numbers will remain unchanged through this update. The “Old” style parts will be available as individual items, but no longer included in the Diaphragm & Seal Kits.

A list of the affected kits is below:

Kit PN Kit Model Description Notes
1081783 520-RAJN KIT,520,D&S,BUTYL Remove 1074962
1081784 520-RAN KIT,520,D&S,EP Remove 1074962 & 1078335
1081787 520-RAVN KIT,520,D&S,FKM,FB Remove 1074962
1081791 521-RAJN KIT,521,D&S,BUTYL Remove 1071671, 1075034, 1078339
1081792 521-RAN KIT,521,D&S,EP Remove 1071671, 1075033, 1078339
1081794 524-RAN12938 KIT,521,D&S,CSTM Remove 1075034, 1078339;
Reduce 1071671 from 2 to 1 per
1081795 521-RAVFVN KIT,521,D&S,FKM,FV Remove 1071671, 1075036, 1078339
1081796 521-RAVN KIT,521,D&S,FKM,FB Remove 1071671, 1075036, 1078339
1081798 521-RAVN12032 KIT,521,D&S,CSTM Remove 1071671, 1075036, 1078339
1070274 524-RAN KIT,524,D&S,EP Remove 1071670, 1071719, 1077662
1070290 524-RAVN KIT,524,D&S,VITON Remove 1071670, 1071789, 1077662
1077591 524-PIN KIT,524,INT,PI Remove 1077662
1077592 524-RAJN KIT,524,D&S,BUTYL Remove 1071670, 1071761, 1077662
1077593 524-RAVFVN KIT,524,D&S,ALL VITON Remove 1071670, 1071789, 1077662
1081801 524-RAN70915 KIT,524,D&S,CSTM Remove 1071670, 1077662;
Reduce 1071761 from 2 to 1 per
1071161 K524-LSC KIT,524,CONV,LS Remove 1077662
1076307 K524-RGN KIT,524,INT,NC Remove 1077662


Item PN Description Notes
1074962 DIAPHRAGM,520,BUNA “Old” K520 Buna Diaphragm. Still used on K550
1078335 Drawing 1078336, Series 520
Shadow Board
Obsolete and remove from all BOM’s
1071671 O-RING,-016,BUNA
1075034 DISC,521,BUTYL “Old” K521 Butyl Disc. Still used on K551
1078339 Drawing 1078340, Series 521
Shadow Board
Obsolete and remove from all BOM’s
1075033 DISC,521,EP,FDA “Old” K521 EPDM Disc. Still used on K551
1075036 DISC,521,FKM,FDA “Old” K521 FKM Disc. Still used on K551
1071670 O-RING,EP,ORE-015
1071719 O-RING,EP,ORE-016
1071789 O-RING,FKM,-016
1071761 O-RING,BUTYL,ORJ-016
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