E948-00F1-SE1RB – 962, 48-00, 6 Port Stager Control, N4XFG, INV, N4XFG, 115VAC, RELAY



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962, 48-00, INV, N4XFG, 115VAC, REL

AquaMatic 962 Stager Controls combine an AquaMatic stager with an Autotrol® 962 Series Electronic Control, mounted and pre-wired in a NEMA-rated enclosure. Autotrol 962 Series Electronic Controls provide sophisticated, demand-based water conditioning by combining a microprocessor with a flow meter to electronically monitor the amount of water used. Time-based and/or external signal initiation is also available as a standard feature. This fully programmable series of controls provide the ability to fine-tune the operation to meet the application requirements.

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