Socket Weld Ejectors

AquaMatic Fluid Ejectors

Aquamatic Fluid Ejectors are designed for commercial applications and are constructed with chemical resistant PVC so your softening brine or deionization regenerants can be safely drawn into the systems.

AQ Matic offers both NPT and Socket weld styles from ½” to 2″ to match a range of installations. Each size has multiple colors that specify which orifice size the Ejector is built with. To properly select the correct unit, the supply pressure and solution to be drawn must be known. Referencing the charts for the draw factor and solution specific gravity will allow you to match the right Ejector to the required regeneration flow rate for the media.

When paired with an Aquamatic Easy Nest valve kit and Stager assembly, Aquamatic Ejectors provide a complete solution for systems requiring low pressure drop and a superior service life.

Size Black Red White Blue Yellow Orange
0.5″ – 540 S 540 S-1 540 S-3 540 S-4 540 S-5
0.75″ – 541 S 541 S-1 541 S-2 541 S-3
1″ – 542 S 542 S-1 542 S-2 542 S-3
1.5″ – 544 S 544 S-1 544 S-2 544 S-3 544 S-4 544 S-5
2″ – 546 S 546 S-1 546 S-2 546 S-3 546 S-4 546 S-5


  • Min Operating Pressure 20 psi (1.37)
  • Max Operating Pressure 125 psi (8.6 bars)
  • Operating Temperature up to 140°F (60°)
  • Body Material PVC
*For optimum performance, ejectors should be installed with a section of straight pipe extending from the discharge side.

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