V42 L - 6" - Solenoid

AquaMatic / AqMatic Valve V42 L

6″ Y Pattern AquaMatic V42L Diaphragm Valve with Solenoid
Cast Iron or Cast Brass Body and Cap

AquaMatic products are manufactured in the United States of foreign and domestic parts.

AquaMatic V42L Features & Benefits

  • Large seat opening and high lift-disc for higher flow rates at a lower pressure loss
  • Separate flow and control chambers permit positive closing without springs; and only nominal cost for spring assist opening for low-pressure and self-draining applications
  • Cost-effective solution both in initial cost, as well as lifetime maintenance expenses
  • Separate diaphragm chambers protects the diaphragm from the flow stream, while allowing the valve to be serviced in-line
  • Constructed of cast iron, brass, stainless steel and Nitrile elastomer components, giving an unparalleled service life
  • ¾-inch through 3-inch threaded (N.P.T. or B.S.P.); 3-inch through 6-inch flanged drilled in accordance with ASA16.1 class 125, or BSP4504
  • Compatible with wide range of line fluids including air or water applications
  • Reinforced diaphragms are pre-formed and stress relieved to maximize responsiveness and product life
  • Can be actuated with either air or water as control fluid

V42 Series Solenoid Valves – AquaMatic / AqMatic – Common Configurations
SKU Model Number Diaphragm / Seal&Disc NO SAO SAC LS PI EO EC IP DD Voltage
1073177 V42L-3000-00011 Buna N / Buna N X X 115V/60H
1073178 V42L-3000-00021 Buna N / Buna N X X 115V/60H
4500382 V42L-3000-0002A Buna N / Buna N X X 24V/60H
4500420 V42L-3002-00014 Buna N / Buna N X X X 115V/60H
4500252 V42L-3010-00014 Buna N / Buna N X X X 115V/60H
Approximate Ship Weight 220.5 Lbs

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