V42 D - 1.25"

AquaMatic / AqMatic Valve V42 D

1.25″ Y Pattern AquaMatic V42D Diaphragm Valve
Cast Iron or Cast Brass Body and Cap

AquaMatic products are manufactured in the United States of foreign and domestic parts.

AquaMatic V42D Features & Benefits

  • Large seat opening and high lift-disc for higher flow rates at a lower pressure loss
  • Separate flow and control chambers permit positive closing without springs; and only nominal cost for spring assist opening for low-pressure and self-draining applications
  • Cost-effective solution both in initial cost, as well as lifetime maintenance expenses
  • Separate diaphragm chambers protects the diaphragm from the flow stream, while allowing the valve to be serviced in-line
  • Constructed of cast iron, brass, stainless steel and Nitrile elastomer components, giving an unparalleled service life
  • ¾-inch through 3-inch threaded (N.P.T. or B.S.P.); 3-inch through 6-inch flanged drilled in accordance with ASA16.1 class 125, or BSP4504
  • Compatible with wide range of line fluids including air or water applications
  • Reinforced diaphragms are pre-formed and stress relieved to maximize responsiveness and product life
  • Can be actuated with either air or water as control fluid

V42 Series Valves – AquaMatic / AqMatic – Common Configurations
Part Number Model Number Valve options Diaphragm/Seal NO NC SAO SAC LS PI
1070023 V42D-0000-00000 Normally Open Buna-N / Buna-N x          
1072723 V42D-0030-00000 Normally Closed Buna-N / Buna-N   x        
1072716 V42D-0002-00000 Normally Open, SAC Buna-N / Buna-N x     x    
1072715 V42D-0001-00000 Normally Open, SAO Buna-N / Buna-N x   x      
1072720 V42D-0010-00000 Normally Open, LS Buna-N / Buna-N x       x  
1072724 V42D-0032-00000 Normally Closed, SAC Buna-N / Buna-N   x   x    
1072722 V42D-0021-00000 Normally Open, PI, SAO Buna-N / Buna-N x   x     x
1072713 V42D-0000-20000 Normally Open FKM / FKM x          
1072718 V42D-0002-20000 Normally Open, SAC FKM / FKM x     x    
1244871 V42D-0001-20000 Normally Open, SAO FKM / FKM x   x      
Approximate Ship Weight 6.5 Lbs

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