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Category: Technical Data

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 125 – Parker Solenoids Obsolete Transitioning to ASCO Brand Solenoids

Due to Parker obsoleting the solenoid models C4H470 used on AquaMatic V42 series valves and NXT Stager Controls, we will be transitioning to ASCO brand solenoid models 8314H041. The function of the valve assemblies will remain unchanged. Solenoid bodies will remain brass with similar electrical specifications and certifications. Specific parts affected are shown below.

When converting from Parker to ASCO brand solenoids, note the port numbers are different.… Read article...

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 124 – K537 Diaphragm Plate Changed to Stainless Steel

The Upper and Lower Diaphragm Plates on K537 valves are being changed to 303 Stainless Steel material. This update is being done to increase strength of the plates. New Part Numbers are being introduced for the individual plates as shown below, but repair kit and valve Part Numbers will remain unchanged. The Stainless Steel plates are fully interchangeable with the plastic plates.… Read article...

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 123 – 962 Transformer Substitution

Due to supply shortage on the 962 transformer PN 1070489, AQ Matic will temporarily substitute a different transformer on 962 orders. The substitute transformer is Triad PN VPL24-210 and is UL, cUL, and TUV approved.

Installation wiring remains unchanged with Line Voltage connected to terminal #1 and Neutral connected to terminal #4.

Note wire colors are affected as shown below when the Triad VPL24-210 transformer is used:

Read article...

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 122 – Grooved Adapters Available on K52 Series

We are pleased to release a new Grooved End Connector Kit option on the K52 series valves. These Grooved End Adapters allow for easy connection to grooved pipe as defined in ANSI/AWWA C606-15 and can be used with various mating pipe materials. Consult your Grooved Coupling manufacturer for recommendations on pipe supports and installation techniques.

Adapter kits are now available in 2” / 50mm pipe sizes for use on K524 valves under kit PN 4510478, model K524-UG08UEP.… Read article...

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 120 – Metal Valve Diaphragm Plate and Disc Plate Update

The Diaphragm Plates and Disc Plates for 1.5”, 2”, and 3” metal valves (V424, VAV4, V425, VAV5, V426, VAV6, V427, and VAV7) are being consolidated. With slight changes in outside diameter, the Diaphragm Plate from the smaller valve will be used as the Disc Plate for the next size larger valve. All these plates will remain Stainless Steel material. Part numbers for Internal Part Kits and valve assemblies will remain the same.… Read article...

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