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Category: Technical Data

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 121 – Metal Valve Single Piece Shaft Update

The Shaft for 2”, 2.5”, 3”, and 4” metal valves (V426, VAV6, V427, VAV7, V428, and VAV8) are being updated to a new single piece design. This new design incorporates the shaft and disc holder into a single casting eliminating one potential leak point within the valve. The assembled dimensional characteristics will not be affected. As a result of this change, the Internal Parts Repair Kits will include the single piece shafts.… Read article...

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 131 – K526 Flange Adapter Consolidation

Flange adapters for the K526 valve have been consolidated into one version that can be used in both 2.5” and 3.0” applications. This change has eliminated the need for two separate flange adapters, and now the same Part Number can be stocked regardless of 2.5” or 3.0” connections. Part Number 1070252 KIT,526,2.5”/3.0” FLANGE will now include a set of dual-purpose flanges along with mating orings.… Read article...

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 130 – NXT Transformer Substitution

Due to supply shortage on the NXT transformer PN 4510157, AQ Matic will temporarily substitute a different transformer on NXT orders. The substitute transformer is Triad PN TCT40-05E07K and is UL, and cUL approved.

Installation wiring remains unchanged for 120VAC installations. When connecting to 208VAC or 240VAC input voltage, wiring is updated as shown below and on label within the control.… Read article...

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 129 – 58 Series Stager Motor Update

Due to a supply outage on 12 Volt 58 Series Stager motors PN 1075779, AQ Matic is transitioning to a new motor manufacturer. The new motors have slightly higher torque and are a direct replacement to the current except the new motors do not have a clutch. Because they do not have a clutch, the new motors cannot be rotated by hand.Read article...

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 128 – K52 Series Diaphragm Plate Temporary Change to Stainless Steel

The Diaphragm Plates on K52 series valves may temporarily change to 303 Stainless Steel material. This is being done due to material shortage of the molded plastic plates. New Part Numbers are being introduced for the individual plates as shown below, but repair kit and valve Part Numbers will remain unchanged. The Stainless Steel plates are fully interchangeable with the plastic plates.… Read article...

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