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Category: Technical Data

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 104 – V421 & VAV1 Single Piece Shaft Update

V421 & VAV1 Single Piece Shaft Update

The Shaft for V421 and VAV1 valves are being updated to a new single piece design. This new design incorporates the shaft and disk holder into a single piece eliminating one potential leak point within the valve. The new shafts also feature a flat under the diaphragm allowing a wrench to stop rotation during installation and removal.… Read article...

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 102 – V42 Series Cast Iron Valve Casting Updates

V42 Series Cast Iron Valve Casting Updates

The Cast Iron V42 series valve bodies are being updated to new tooling. While the key dimensional characteristics will stay unchanged, you will notice new AQ Matic branding. The fit, form, and function of the parts will remain unaffected and the new valves will be fully interchangeable with the old. These changes are being made to update branding, reduce variation, and streamline the supply chain.… Read article...

PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 101 – NXT Stager Control Update

NXT Stager Control Update

The NXT Stager Control will be updated with a few new features and options as shown below. These changes will become available in June 2017.

NXT Stager Control UpdateNXT Stager Control Update

1. Internal Transformer

A transformer accepting either 115V, 208V, or 240V 50/60Hz input voltages will be mounted inside the enclosure. This transformer will be pre-wired to the circuit board allowing the installer to simply run line voltage into a terminal strip within the enclosure.

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PERFORMANCE BULLETIN 100 – K52 Series Diaphragm & Seal Kit Update

K52 Series Diaphragm & Seal Kit Update

The K52 Series Diaphragm & Seal Kits will be changed to remove the “Old” style rubber components. These “Old” components were used on valves made prior to 1998, most easily identified by blue bodies and caps. Since 1998, the K52 series valves have been black in color and use the “New” style internal components.… Read article...

Valve Diaphragms, Seals & Discs – Types & Uses

Many people have been asking which type of diaphragm, seals and discs they should use with their AqMatic/AquaMatic valves, or need replacement parts for a valve they already have.

With a little bit of data we can determine what is the right kit to get.

I hope this helps.

General Uses

Buna-N = Standard operation for most liquids and air.

FKM = For high temperatures.… Read article...